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I take as much time as needed to get the job done right. Completion of service also depends upon the density of one's hair.





$35-both hands and both feet;

$40-nape of neck and shoulders

$340--bikini line

$40-half arms

$55-butt cheeks

$60-full arms

$50-half legs

$50-rabbit tail/lower lumbar back




$85-full legs

$105Brazilian (genital hair removal)

$400.00 to $500.00-Full Body Waxing

Price depends on height determined upon your time of visit.

The taller and bigger, the more skin, the more time it takes to get you smooth.

Service lasts 4 1/2 to 5 hours or more. It's always best to schedule this service in the morning or a day that you can spend.

*$25-$35-Outside the Frame/Wrap Around Waxing/Love Handle This is an added charge for waxing that exceed the

boundaries or that are"outside the frame" of any area that is being waxed. For instance the hair that "wraps around" your "love handles," and onto your anterior body on back waxing or on to your posterior body on a chest or abdominal waxing. 

Now available for purchase:

Numbing Lotion!

Helps in easing the discomfort of waxing by applying 15 to 30 minutes before the beginning of any waxing service, anywhere on the body where hair removal is to happen.

$80 for your own 1oz. tube.


$10 for any part to be waxed prior to beginning of service. 

Chest = 2 parts,

Stomach = 2 parts,

Arms =4 parts,

Legs = 4parts,

Braz =2 parts,

Butt Cheeks = 2parts,

Back = 4 parts.

Every other waxing area is considered 1 part, cause those areas are smaller and this numbing cream is pricey.

Sugar Hair Removal

Add $10 to each service if you decide upon using

* "Sugar" or "Sugaring"is another form of hair removal using a sugar-based paste that's more natural than resin waxes; although most or all of my waxes are all natural anyway, it's just a matter of preference and you get the same results.

Ingrown Hair


$85-This service takes care of In-Grown hair irritation and pimples caused by waxing or shaving.(Add $15 for each additional area)